Marc Jacobs Beauty: Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Eyeshadow (206 Lolita)

Marc Jacobs Beauty: Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Eyeshadow (206 Lolita)

I love finding amazing brands for a fraction of its original retail price. I love Marc Jacobs luxurious handbags & I’m also a fan of its makeup collection. The price range is a bit steep in my opinion so I usually pick up a few things during the two semi-annual VIB Sales. A few months ago while I was shopping at a local Marshalls I spotted a selection of MJ eyeshadow palettes, nail polishes, pressed powders, & cream foundations in the beauty section. I picked up the last “206 Lolita” palette available which seemed to have the a lot of positive reviews when I researched online. MJ’s 7-pans eyeshadow palettes retails for $64.00 CAD at Sephora & I picked this up for only $24.99 CAD! On Sephora’s website this line of eyeshadow palettes are no longer available, they’re now selling the Eye-Conic Multi-Finish eyeshadow palettes which are also 7-pans. The packaging looks identical as the Eye-Con No. 7 that I’d purchased, maybe the “new” palette now has a different formula? Anyway, I’m just glad I scored a MJ palette for under $30 bucks! 🙂





I love how sleek & shiny the casing is, this palette definitely stands out from the rest of the cardboard & tin palettes on my vanity. This palette also came with a smooth cloth protective pouch which is a pretty thoughtful touch because I’m not the best when it comes to baby-ing things that can get scratched up easily… :S


I love this Lolita palette because there are matte & shimmery shadows. The versatility of the champagne, nude, & brown hues are great for any daytime & nighttime looks. The only shade I’ve experienced fallouts is the middle pan which is a gritty shadow with chunky glitter that don’t adhere well to the skin but it’s not a total buzzkill since most of these buttery eyeshadows are well-pigmented & very blendable. I would definitely pick up a few more if the opportunity arises! 🙂

Rating: 9/10

Xo, Beans

RAVE: “Sephora Favorites” sets!

RAVE: “Sephora Favorites” sets!

If you’re hesitant in splurging on full-size items (like me) at Sephora then you will love their “Sephora Favorites” sets! Sephora’s been selling these sets for years now & if you haven’t picked one up yet it’s only a matter of time until you see one you like! These boxes of treasures are awesome because you get a few full-size products along with a handful of deluxe-size products for a pretty reasonable price point! Correct me if I’m wrong, Sephora Favorite sets are sold all year round but around the holidays Sephora releases bigger & better sets exclusively for the holiday shoppers. 🙂

The two sets I picked up last month are the “Superstars: Everyday Must Haves” & the “Lashstash: Mascara Wardrobe.” I’ve purchased a few Sephora Favorites sets in the past for eyeliners & lip products but these two sets are the best yet! After using some of the products for a month now I can finally share my thoughts & first impressions.

The Superstars set are Sephora’s bestsellers. It includes everything for the eyes, lips, & face! I love how this year’s Superstars set comes with the original BeautyBlender since I was about to replace the old one I had anyway. I’ve always wanted to try the hyped-up ABH Brow Wiz, which was one of the full-size products in this box & I can say I’m a fan now! I will always love my ABH Dipbrow pomade but the Brow Wiz is perfect to take along with me in my purse for touch-ups. I already have the UD setting spray, Smashbox Photo Finish primer, & the Hoola bronzer but these deluxe sizes are perfect to pack for traveling! It was my first time using the rest of the lineup & so far I’m really digging the KVD Lock-It setting powder, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear cream shadow stick, & the Marc Jacob gel eye liner. I’m planning to purchase these in full sizes. 🙂


I highly recommend this set for people who are new to makeup because you get a ton of high-end quality products to play with! This set is also a perfect gift for those makeup junkies on your holiday shopping list! Who doesn’t love more new makeup!?!

This set contains:
– 0.003 oz/ 0.085 g Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown
– beautyblender¼ The Original beautyblender¼
– 0.1 oz/ 3 g Benefit Hoola Bronzer
– 0.03 oz/ 0.9 g Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Pink
– 0.19 oz/ 5.4 g Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder
– 0.035 oz/ 1 g MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder
– 0.01 oz/ 0.37 g Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer
– 0.06 oz/ 1.8 g Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella
– 0.5 oz/ 15 mL Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
– 0.13 oz/ 4 mL tarteℱ lights, camera, lashesℱ 4-in-1 mascara in black
– 0.08 oz/ 2.3 mL Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick in Sell Out
– 1 oz/ 30 mL Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
– 0.08 oz/ 2.5 mL Yves Saint Laurent Touche Èclat Radiant Touch in 2 Luminous Ivory

Rating: 10/10 — Retails for $90 CAD (Total value of $268 CAD)

Up next is the “Lashstash” which includes a pair of Huda Beauty’s famous “Samantha” false lashes! ❀ I already have a few pairs of the Sasha & Samantha falsies but I can never have too many Huda falsies. 😉 I really wish this set included in a lash glue or a lash curler to complete the “lash” look, even if that means it would cost a little more. What I’m more disappointed in is the fact half of the mascaras in this box are as small as the free mascara samples you get during those minimum purchase promos which is hard to justify the price tag of this set. It was my first time using the Sephora LashCraft: Length & Volume mascara & it’s amaaazing BUT it’s also the tiniest one in this set so it was hard to really test it out. It’s smaller than its $6.00 mini size sold at Sephora which I think they might as well packed that in the box instead. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this kit because I’m always finishing up tubes of mascara & this kit allows me to try out a handful of new high-end mascaras. 🙂


This set contains:
– 0.3 oz/ 8.5 g Benefit Cosmetics Rollerlash in Black
– 0.25 oz/7.3 g Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara in Black
– 0.16 oz/ 4.85 mL Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Expert Mascara in Black
– 0.13 oz/ 4 mL Dior Diorshow Mascara in Black
– 0.06 oz/ 2 mL Yves Saint Laurent The Shock Mascara in Asphalt Black
– 0.06 oz/ 2 mL LancĂŽme Monsieur Big Mascara in Black
– 0.14 oz/ 3.9 g Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black
– 0.08 oz/ 2.5 mL MAKE UP FOR EVER Excessive Lash in Black
– 0.094 oz/ 2.8 mL SEPHORA COLLECTION Lashcraft Mascara in Black
– 0.85 oz/ 24 g Huda Beauty Classic Collection Lashes in Samantha #7

Rating: 8/10 — Retails for $58 CAD (Total value of $158 CAD)

Xo, Beans

Tarte: Shape Tape Contour Concealer Review

Tarte: Shape Tape Contour Concealer Review

There is so much hype around Tarte’s Double Duty Beuaty”Shape Tape” concealer on social media & for the longest time I’ve been eyeing for it to hit the shelves at Sephora until I found out unfortunately it’s not sold in Canada… *Womp Womp Womp!* I was determined to find this because if there’s a will, there’s a way! 😉 Lo & behold, I discovered alternative ways for me to get that tube into my hands. They can be found on Tarte’s website which ships to Canada which was where I purchased my first tube. Then on my recent visit to Bellis Fair shopping mall in Bellingham, Washington I discovered they had opened a Ulta store which carries Tarte & all sorts of beauty goods! (Ulta’s website just started shipping to Canada!) I’ve been using the first tube religiously as a part of my daily routine that it is almost emtpy so I picked up a backup tube at Ulta on my recent trip. 🙂

Here’s a description from Ulta’s website: “Sculpt and highlight as you mask imperfections with this 2-in-1 full coverage concealer. The hydrating, longwearing formula delivers natural, radiant coverage across all skin types so you can instantly brighten and cover acne, dark circles and redness while softening the look of pores and fine lines. Wear it 1-2 shades lighter or darker, and it works as a creamy highlighter or contouring stick with a lightweight, blendable formula and tapered wand applicator ideal for precise strobing and sculpting. Powered by Amazonian clay and conditioning mango seed and shea butters, the nutrient-rich concealer helps promote skin elasticity and illumination with each crease-free application.”


I purchased in the shade “Light Sand” recommended for light skin with yellow undertones. The packaging is simple yet stylish with the Tarte purple & shiny gold accent on the cap. The wand is thick with a big fuzzy doe foot applicator which is pretty cool to see. The consistency is slightly thicker than normal liquid concealers & the scent is citrus-y which awakens my senses & under eyes. 🙂 The first few rounds of application, I used a generous amount under my eyes the same way I apply with my other concealers neglecting the fact this doe foot applicator is a few times bigger than the usual applicators. (See comparison below) I now remind myself each time a little goes a long way & that it’s easier to blend out when applied thinly. It’s better to build up the layers than to use too much & waste a good product in my opinion.


My technique with this concealer is I swipe 1-3 thin streaks under my eyes as opposed to dabbing a big dot on each side which was too much product for my under eye area. I then use a damped Beauty Blender & slowly dab & blend out the concealer in a downward & outward motion until I am satisfied with the coverage. I then use a little translucent powder (I use the RCMA Makeup: No Color Powder) to bake the areas then dust off the excess lightly with a wispy fan brush.


The Shape Tape concealer stays put throughout the day & it still looks fresh by the end of the day. There’s not much creasing if used alone, with some translucent powder it kind of creates slight creasing. I haven’t yet tried highlighting & contouring with this concealer since I only got it in a lighter shade but so far it does the job of brightening my under eyes on days I woke up with raccoon eyes. I definitely recommend this concealer because it’s pretty amazing. 🙂

Rating: 7/10

Xo, Beans

Do Silisponges Really Work?

Do Silisponges Really Work?

Recently, I picked up a few things from Winners & one of the beauty items I got was a Silisponge! (aka Silicone Sponge) I believe the “original” Silisponge was by Molly Cosmetics & it was out of stock for the longest time. -_- But now you can find them almost anywhere in different shapes & sizes by all sorts of beauty & non-beauty brands. I recently saw Milk Makeup & Forever 21 had their own version. The one I purchased was by a brand called “Urban Studio” which I’ve never heard of before but these “sponges” all look & feel the same I assumed. I was curious to try this out since it wasn’t obtainable when Molly Cosmetics introduced it. Also, for $ 5 bucks CAD & I don’t need to wait for shipping & etc., etc. why not?! 🙂


I followed the instructions on the box & put a few drops of liquid foundation ON the dry Silisponge. I wasn’t too impressed with the process to be honest. These “sponges” claim to reduce & save excess product but I feel like I had to use EXTRA product for areas that didn’t get evenly distributed. (Unless I’m using it incorrectly I don’t know???) I find it very difficult to blend with & my skin didn’t absorb the foundation flawlessly as opposed to using a buffing brush or the Beauty Blender. The Silisponge just drags the liquid foundation left & right creating a blotchy mess sitting on my skin. Since it doesn’t really blend, the foundation looked thick & cakey despite how many times I swiped & swirled around my face. I felt like I was causing premature aging to my face from all the tugging & pulling lol! Then I tried the dabbing technique & that didn’t work either, it made stamp-like marks on my face which looked even worse.

 I had watched several YouTube videos for tutorials & was prepared to try this gimmick-y tool myself even though many reviews weren’t very positive but curiosity got the best of me as always haha! I saw YouTubers opting for silicone bra inserts since they’re kinda the same concept, those videos gave me a good laugh in a good way. 🙂 A pro I agree is that the Silisponge is super easy to clean with just some water. You can reuse it right after by simply lightly patting it dry with a towel compared to waiting a day for makeup brushes to air dry & repetitive squeezing the Beauty Blender until it’s in its cleanest state.

My final verdict is I will just stick with my traditional Tarte foundation brushes & my Beauty Blender as those tools actually work best for me. I think using fingers to apply the foundation would have the equivalent result if not better. I will keep this Silisponge on the side & maybe try it out again. Maybe one day I will be able to master the proper techniques & love this little pad of silicone but that future doesn’t seem so bright haha! I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay more than a few bucks on this sponge after knowing it’s “just okay”. I think Silisponge should be spelled Sillysponge, no? 😛 I would love to know if any of you use this & whether you have any tips to share with me! 🙂

Rating: 3/10

Xo, Beans

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Foundations

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Foundations

Hellooo! I cannot believe it’s been a little over a month already since my last post. :O Time flies! I started this blog with the intention to upload at least once a week… what an epic fail lol. Anyway, I’m back today to chat about one of the best, let me emphasize that again. “THE BEST” drugstore liquid foundation I’ve ever tried. It is the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Foundation. It’s been released for quite some time now so it’s no surprise if many of you had already heard about it or tried the product for yourself.


There are three things I really enjoy about this foundation. First of all, let’s talk about their hygienic squeeze tube packaging. It’s genius! I find it easier to control the portion without wasting excess product compared to pumping or pouring. Speaking of glass bottled foundations, I don’t have to ever worry about the Infallible breaking in my makeup bag when I go traveling! I also hate fussing with foundation bottles when it comes to dumping out every single drop at the bottom, so squeeze tube is the way to go! 😀 Secondly, the drugstore price tag (approx. $15-$18 CAD) for the Fallible pretty reasonable for its superb quality & performance. I find it comparable to the higher end brands from Sephora for example. The Infallible’s coverage is amaaazing! It’s a medium coverage foundation but build-able to full (enough) coverage for me. I sometimes skip using concealer because this covers all of my light blemishes! A little goes a long way, a tube of these can last me for 4-6 months when used almsot daily. Lastly, I like how my skin doesn’t feel dry & tight like some other foundations I’ve used in the past. The Infallible feels light & airy on my face like I’m not even wearing any makeup. 😉


When the “Pro-Matte” was first introduced I fell in love with it immediately. I don’t have oily skin but I prefer the long-lasting “pro makeup” look & feel which reassures me my foundation still looks fresh throughout the day without the need for touch-ups. I don’t incorporate finishing powder in my daily face makeup routine because I’m afraid I’ll end up looking too dry. The Infallible Pro-Matte foundation is my go-to 2-in-1 product that provides sufficient coverage & a demi-matte finish without looking “fake”.

Soon enough, L’Oreal Paris released a “Pro-Glow” version which is the opposite of its matte sister. I was afraid the Pro-Glow might make my face look greasy since the word “Glow” sounds a lot like grease to me lol. However, this was not the case & I like it almost as much as the matte version especially in the colder months. The Pro-Glow provides a more effortless/natural look since our skin produces oil. It is tailored to its consumers with dry skin but I think it works fine with my normal skin also.

The first noticeable difference between the Pro-Matte & Pro-Glow is their consistency. The Pro-Matte is creamy whereas the Pro-Glow is slightly more runny. The packaging on the Pro-Matte is frosted, so it’s tricky to find the perfect match unless there is a tester. The Pro-Glow however comes in a clear tube, what you see is basically what you get. Both ranges of shades don’t match correspondingly which I assumed it should be. I got the shade #103 in Pro-Matte & shade #204 in Pro-Glow. They seemed to be the closest match when I was in-store debating.



I also found out about their L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation but I’m not sure if I will end up giving that a try since I don’t feel the need for extra coverage when the regular Infallible does the job. I also heard mixed reviews about the Total Cover so I will most likely stick with what I like for now. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little lengthy read of mine & have a wonderful day! ❀



FIRST AID BEAUTY – Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer Review

FIRST AID BEAUTY – Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer Review

Happy Monday everyone! It is pouring rain out here in Vancouver but a majority of the year it’s a downpour here hence #Raincouver is an actual hashtag lol. Anyway, I want to talk about a multi-purpose product by First Aid Beauty from their Hello FAB Collection called Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. I bought mine when it first released around last December at Sephora for $35.00 CAD. I was a little hesitant to purchase this because the tube only holds 50 mL amount of product which isn’t a lot. This moisturizer is made up with “superfoods” ingredients such as coconut water, Quinoa protein, and minerals that are beneficial to the skin & safe for sensitive skin. My Winter skin was desperate for a little TLC at the time so this was a impulse buy on a whim. 😛


17858882_10158461268800425_1584582363_oWhat I love about this oil-free prep-step is that not only does it hydrates & smoothens your skin prior to makeup application, you can also wear alone to achieve a natural look. 🙂 This unfortunately will not hide any blemishes such as a foundation or BB cream can do for you but it can blur pores! This will work in your favor if you opt for minimal coverage because this portrays a sheer tinted moisturizer with a subtle hint of shimmer. Thanks to its light-reflecting Micro-Pearls, the skin appears brighter & dewy for a healthy-looking complexion. Sometimes I would skip using a highlighter & swipe a little bit of this over my cheekbones for a more subtle sheen. 🙂 This is suitable for all skin types as well as all skin tones because the “tint” disappears when it blends out. The shimmer is less obvious when foundation sits above. Below are swatches on my wrist when wore alone.17858397_10158461268840425_913554342_o


The packaging claims it is hypoallergenic & does not contain artificial fragrances. Personally, I don’t think the fragrance reminds me of coconut, it actually makes me scrunch my nose because it’s not a pleasant scent in my opinion. The smell isn’t as noticeable when I’m wearing it on my face but lingers on my fingers until I wash it off.

The purpose of makeup primers is to smoothen but to also mattify the skin by absorbing excessive oil on your skin so makeup stays put all day. Overtime, usage of makeup primers can turn your skin dry & makeup will appear patchy & cakey. Whereas, this 2-in-1 priming moisturizer adds moisture to the skin while it keeps your makeup long-lasting.

The consistency is frothy so I see where the name “Smoothie” comes into play. It’s very light & airy so it feels breathable & comfortable on the face. It won’t make your skin feel sticky or tight neither so you can apply makeup right away. Despite many pros it provides, I don’t think I will repurchase this again because the scent isn’t my cup of tea. From my experience, I would recommend you to test in-store before committing (yep, I should’ve known better!). Maybe if this was fragrance-free I would use this more often. In my case, the “cost per use” is higher compared to other moisturizers & primers that I use frequently. For $35.00 CAD I could select a better & bigger moisturizer/primer from other brands. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a purchase I regret buying because I do love the 2-in-1 versatility but it’s not a “need” on my vanity especially when the scent makes me feel resentful. 😩 If you like coconuts & this scent doesn’t bother you at all, then this could be your beauty jackpot! 😉 I hope you all are having a “FAB” day today! 😛

Rating: 7/10

Xo, Beans

SEPHORA COLLECTION – Micellar Cleansing Water & Milk Review

SEPHORA COLLECTION – Micellar Cleansing Water & Milk Review

Hello beautifuls! I hope everybody’s day is going well! I’m back today to talk about one of Sephora’s new-ish product in their SEPHORA COLLECTION line. I’ve used micellar water from drugstore brands to higher end brands, they all pretty much work the same way. When SEPHORA COLLECTION released their own version I was ecstatic to test them out because it offers 4 scents/types targeting a specific skin concern.16880020_10158225580485425_1711020690_o(From L to R: Rose cleansing milk, Charcoal cleansing water, Coconut cleansing milk)

Rose (milk): Ultra-moisturizing & brightening

Green Tea (water): Mattifying & anti-blemish

Charcoal (water): Purifying & detoxifying

Coconut (milk): Soothing & relaxing

I wanted to smell all of them & test the texture on my hand first but the Sephora by my house did not carry them at the time when I was in-store so I ended up ordering them online. The retail price is $10.00 CAD per bottle containing 100 ml. The bottles feel firm & sturdy meanwhile the size is small & convenient, perfect to travel with.

 Based on the reviews on the Sephora website the Charcoal & Coconut versions are the most popular choices which was what I chose. I also picked the Rose cleansing milk because it sounded like a very pleasant scent for a cleanser to use right before bedtime. I didn’t pick the Green Tea cleansing water because I’m usually turned off by anything green tea/matcha “flavoured/scented” besides drinking actual green tea if that makes any sense. 😛

Out of the 3 choices I bought, I opened the Rose one first because it smelled the nicest. The Coconut smelled good too, I don’t know what to say for the Charcoal one it smelled “different”. It doesn’t have a pleasant scent but it doesn’t smell off-putting either. Funny thing is, the Rose one doesn’t smell like roses & the same thing goes for the Coconut.

The description on the back label claims it’s safe to use on the face AND eyes. Hmm, I don’t know about the eyes… because when I wiped a moistened cotton pad with the creamy solution over closed eyelids, soon enough my eyeballs were burning as if I used hot sauce! I’ve never had such bad experience & sensation with any micellar waters in the past, I’m not a contact lens wearer but I don’t know if this would be safe for those who are. The cleansing milk also left a sticky residue even though the label claims you don’t need to rinse after application… I don’t know, I was not a fan of this particular Rose micellar cleansing milk as much as I expected & I’m a little hesitant to try out the rest from that point on. The agent did removed most of my eye makeup but did very little removing waterproof mascara. It removed a decent amount of face makeup but I don’t like the sticky/tight feeling it leaves right after so I usually rinse with water even though it’s not encouraged. There was no tugging on the skin due to the slippery milky consistency which is the only pro I found with this product.

I ended up taking all 3 bottles back to the Sephora store because I know I wouldn’t use the Rose cleansing milk anymore & I won’t even bother testing out the rest which is a shame because I really want to like these as much as the reviewers on Sephora’s website. When I was returning these in-store the Sephora cashier told me she also heard the same thing from her friend about the burning eyeballs thing. Glad I’m not the only one? 😛 This is a iffy product so I guess it may or may not work the same for everyone?

Let me know if anybody had tried these out & did they worked out for you? I’m a little disappointed these were duds for me. 😩

Xo, Beans

MARIO BADESCU Skincare – First Impressions/Review

MARIO BADESCU Skincare – First Impressions/Review

It’s been a minute! 🙂 Today I am back to share my first impressions on a few Mario Badescu skincare products I ordered online from! I’ve used these products for a week so I think I can give a brief review with my opinions. 🙂 Mario Badescu is a cruelty-free skincare brand with over 40 years of history & a favourite amongst A-listers. His products are crafted with high quality botanical ingredients that targets every skin type & concerns to bring you outstanding results & complexion! The prices in his brand range between inexpensive to reasonably priced. It’s hard to find high end botanical-rich skincare that won’t break the bank! It’s nearly impossible to purchase Mario Badescu products in Canada *Thank the retail lord for online shopping!* I had to do some intensive researching on the Internet to find an online merchant that carries an extensive range of Mario Badescu products especially with the famous Drying Lotion in stock!

I stumbled upon a online store (based in the UK) which sells UK & international brands such as BH Cosmetics, Dose of Colors, Eyeko, Jeffree Star, L.A. Girl, Makeup Geek, Morphe, Ofra, RCMA, & Sigma just to name a few! (Brands that are hard to find/not sold in Canada) They also offer many brands that Sephora carries as well. It’s definitely worth checking out if there’s a beauty brand you’ve been searching for because you just might be able to find it on! 🙂 I find most brands priced accurately while there are some brands overpriced than if you were to buy it off directly from their company. So you might want to shop around & do some comparisons before you click the “Add to bag” button. They do offer low international shipping rates & free shipping to Canada on orders of $26.00 CAD+ which persuaded me to decide this website is THE one! 😉


Now let’s get back on track! The first item I want to talk about is Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. I’ve read many great things about this MB facial spray so this was on my shopping list ever since I’ve discovered my obsession for rose-scented facial sprays. My current bottle of Fresh Rose Floral Toner is running low & I was planning to purchase another bottle from Sephora. However, a bottle of the Fresh toner costs a whopping $49.00 CAD for 250 mL meanwhile a large bottle of MB’s facial spray costs $20.30 CAD for 236 mL. (It also comes in a 118 mL bottle for $13.80 CAD) So far, the MB facial spray has been alright. The fragrance is a tad strong for my liking however the scent does fade away within seconds. The packaging isn’t anything fancy as you can see above & kind of too large to comfortably hold in the palm of my hand. I think the smaller version would’ve been more enjoyable. Fresh’s toner has a more subtle scent & the bottle is much easier to use. One thing that MB beats Fresh over is it comes with a secure clear cap & Fresh doesn’t have one. Fresh comes with a screw-on cap which you can switch out the mister for but that’s just a hassle to pack. The MB version is definitely more travel-friendly.

***Suitable for: All Skin Types*** Rating: 7/10

Next up, I want to talk about the “Cucumber Make-Up Remover Cream” which sounded interesting when I saw it online. I’ve used face cleansing gels, oils, & wipes but never in a “cream” form. The thought of using cream makeup remover sounds messy but I was wrong! It looks, feels, & smells like your typical body lotion but this bad boy takes off ALL your makeup effortlessly & effectively with a cotton round! I didn’t feel any tugging & it wasn’t greasy at all as I had expected. On the packaging it doesn’t indicate anywhere whether it’s for removing any makeup but it does state for removing eye makeup. It still works great removing my face makeup so whatever, right?! The gentle formula is tailored for dry and/or sensitive skin so it’s non-irritable & moisturizing. The refreshing cucumber extract creates a cooling & soothing effect on the skin after usage. The one thing I don’t like is how it doesn’t come with a spoon/scoop to extract the cream onto a cotton round, so make sure your fingers are super clean! I bought this for $19.50 CAD. 🙂

***Skin Types: Dry & Sensitive*** Rating: 9/10

Here, I have the “Eye Make-Up Remover Gel Non-Oily” which was another great find! As titled, it’s a non-sticky eye make-up remover. I would’t call it a “gel” but it’s not totally a cream either. It’s like a thin slippery cream??? Again, no tugging & no irritation with this remover on my eyes. My lids felt soft & moisturized, & there was no makeup residue left on my eyes. The best part is this formula claims you can reapply makeup immediately after using! :O For $13.90 CAD I wish this 59 mL squeeze bottle came with more in a bigger size. 😩 I feel like I will finish this sucker in no time because I love it so much! 🙂 This bottle is perfect for traveling because it’s small & comes with a “flip tip” that prevents unwanted spills!

***Suitable for: All Skin Types*** Rating: 10/10


Saving the best for last is the famous Mario Badescu Drying Lotion!!! 😀 In the image above it’s shaken up because I literally took a picture right after I unboxed the package. The formula is suppose to stand upright with the pink portion sunk to the bottom & the clear liquid sitting above it. To apply, you simply stick a clean cotton swap to the end of the bottle & dab the pink substance onto those stubborn pimples! I let mine sit on my skin for a few minutes before going to bed to avoid smearing it all over my pillowcases & I was able to see results the next morning!  The size of the pimple had flattened & shrunk, it also appears less red. It’s a pretty magical product & I’ve seen Kate Somerville sells a near identical version at Sephora. I purchased the MB plastic bottle version because it was recommended over their traditional glass bottle. Many reviewers prefer this plastic version because it features a wider opening making the application process less tricky & messy. The weight is significantly lighter & easier to travel with since it won’t shatter! I purchased this for $25.80 CAD which is pretty on par with most online retailers I found.

***Suitable for: All Skin Types*** Rating: 10/10

The best part with this first purchase experience was the amazing freebie! Who doesn’t love free stuff!? During the time, there was a promotion where when you spend $35.00+ on MB productions, you are eligible to receive this handy MB-themed faux leather pouch filled with 3 deluxe samples (Super Rich Olive Body Lotion, A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap, & Seaweed Bubble Bath & Shower Gel ) & a compact mirror. The pouch & the mirror don’t look or feel cheap since most free stuff are. The size of the bottles are slightly bigger than the ones you get at the hotels but the scents do remind me of hotel soaps haha!

I’m very happy with this purchase & I will definitely shop on again for more MB products & other beauty brands they have to offer. I only wish I found this website sooner & heard of MB’s flawless creations earlier! I think the prices are fair due to its utmost simple packaging yet traveller-friendly designs. I hope to see more products to be released by MB! 🙂

Xo, Beans

LANEIGE – Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask First Impression đŸ’Š

LANEIGE – Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask First Impression đŸ’Š

The facial sheet mask has been around for a long time. They’re one of the most popular & commonly used beauty regimen especially in Asia, particularly in Korea. A variety of sheet masks are created to  add & replenish moisture into the skin & a quick way to quench dry skin. In the recent years, facial “Hydrogel”masks were introduced with additional benefits compared to the traditional cotton/natural fibers paper sheet masks which I will discuss furthermore in today’s post. 🙂

To be honest, I’m pretty lazy when  it comes to treating my skin with facial masks (ideally) weekly because my daily skincare routine provides me enough hydration. I use a sheet mask here & there whenever my skin looks & feels distressed due to lack of sleep & more so during the frigid winter months. Slapping on a facial mask makes me a much happier person at the end of the day. It’s a simple pick-me-up whether it’s to improve your complexion or just because! 🙂

I found this cute illustration online. ^_^

Recently while I was browsing in the Laneige section at a local Sephora store I spotted their version of gel mask from their “Water Bank” collection. I fell in love with this Korean brand & its Water Bank collection when I bought their 6-pieced “Hydration Trial Kit” which included several Water Bank deluxe sized products to test out. I ended up loving their  Water Sleeping Mask & Power Essential Skin Toner a lot so I bought those in full size. They are now a part of my  daily skincare regimen before bedtime & I am OBSESSED with the end results! I love how everything about the Water Bank collection focuses on moisturizing & hydration so this gel mask sounded very promising to tackle dull skin. These gel masks are sold separately for $9.00 CAD each or you can buy it a box of 5 for $31.00 CAD at Sephora. I bought the box of 5 because it was a better value & I had a feeling I will love it so why not stock up?

The Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask comes in 2 separate pieces tailored to be a “one mask fits all” gel mask for everyone. On the diagrams behind the box & packet, it recommends applying the top half first & then the bottom half portion. The foil packet was easy to tear open & I saw both portions neatly folded into halves with a white plastic film adhered to each piece. The masks were drenched  with what they call “Hyrdo Ionized Mineral Water” & the material felt like rubbery textured sheets. (There wasn’t much or enough leftover essence inside the pouch to slather on my neck & chest sadly.) Since this is a “gel” mask, they are more stretchy & much easier to adjust & adhere to the contours of your face better unlike paper sheet masks which could rip & form air bubbles. (The closer the facial mask clings to your skin, the more moisture & product your skin can absorb.) As recommended, I kept the soothing gel mask on my face for 30 minutes & it stayed in place throughout the duration without having to lay down lol. After about 20 minutes the mask was no longer wet nor cool to the touch but I’ve heard that facial masks aren’t meant to be kept on for a long period of time anyway because the reverse effect may happen *EEK!* After I had removed the gel mask my face felt slightly sticky but that feeling went away shortly after. There’s no need to rinse just like most facial mask treatments because the rejuvenating leftover formula is supposed to linger on your skin for maximum benefits. Unless you’re about to head out the door or going to bed right away then rinsing off the residue is fine too. The following morning, I noticed my face felt plumped, hydrated, smoother, & looked brighter! YAYYY!

Some pros of Hydrogel-type facial masks compared the paper sheet masks includes their ability to lock in moisture much better than the cotton/natural fibres material. How the stretchy material forms to fit your face effortlessly & they’re stickier than paper sheet masks so they don’t tend to slip & slips off your face while you’re moving around. I don’t believe there are any cons to gel-type facial masks! 🙂

For next time, I’m thinking about storing these in my fridge so that they’re extra cooling & soothing when I put it on. I’m glad I’ve discovered a new favourite from the Laneige Water Bank line & if you haven’t tried gel facial masks then you must try this one from Laneige! 🙂

Rating: 10/10 (Based on the ease of use, hydrating ingredients, stunning results)

Xo, Beans

SPOILERS! 🙊 – What to expect in my upcoming posts đŸ˜‰

SPOILERS! 🙊 – What to expect in my upcoming posts đŸ˜‰

HI! If you have been following my blog you might notice a few changes with my page setup now. I had some free time last night to tweak my blog & give it a mini facelift because the previous layout was a tad too simple & boring for my liking. I hope you guys are digging this new theme I found on WordPress as much as I do, feedbacks are welcome. 😅 I’m still a noob trying to figure out how all these bells & whistles work *Good thing there’s Google!*Â đŸ™đŸ» I’m still in the process of learning more about WordPress but so far it’s been really cool seeing everybody else’s inspirational work & dedication on here!

There are so many “imaginary blog posts” on my mind that I want to upload but I’ve been super busy with work & life that I’ve been putting it off. đŸ™đŸ»Â *Sorry guys!* Trust me, I want to keep my blog as active as possible, too bad I don’t have any volunteer ghostwriters. 😝

In the meantime, I’ve created a ongoing to-do-list to remind myself of what to upload in the near future & I promise there will be a LOT of reviews, swatches, & ratings that I will be sharing. Just to name a few topics, I will be discussing about drugstore favorites, skincare, nail polish, haul from Daiso, & much MUCH more! đŸ‘đŸ»

Just this past weekend, I did some compulsive-impulse online shopping & I’m too excited to not drop spoilers! I am expecting packages from Forever 21 (clothing), QUAY Australia (Sunglasses), ColourPop makeup), Mario Badescu (skincare), & Kaitlyn Pan (shoes). I will be uploading all of the hauls once I receive the items so please stay tuned to my page & hit that “Follow” button if you haven’t yet!Â đŸ’đŸ»

Have a great day & thank you bunches for visiting my page! đŸ‘‹đŸ»